Greyhouse Coffee & Supply Co. is a not-for-profit organization started and owned by a church community here at Purdue called Campus House. Campus House is a non-denominational church at the heart of Purdue’s campus with a largely college-aged congregation. Since 1966, Campus House has been a part of Greater Lafayette and, for years, dreamed about creating an authentic way to serve West Lafayette beyond the physical walls of the church. We wanted to provide a cultural crossroads for those who live, work, and study on campus.

We imagined a place where a diverse range of individuals could come together as a community, pausing life for a moment to enjoy a conversation with an old friend, to make a new one by sharing a table, or to reconnect over a meal.

We wanted to treat people well by serving hand-crafted foods made from local and regional ingredients and high quality, conscientious coffee.

In the summer of 2008, hundreds of Campus House supporters donated the necessary funds to get this started. Over 200 of our friends then volunteered their time to renovate our original space in just 36 twenty-hour days.  Purdue professors laid tile, local doctors installed trim, students painted walls, and they all wrote their dreams of what they hoped would happen at Greyhouse on the bottom of the floorboards.

Then, almost a decade later, we began dreaming of ways to broaden our impact, expand our physical space, and better serve our customer base...

From December 2017 to February 2018, we closed down the shop for some major renovations. We expanded our kitchen, our seating, and our menu, adding hand-crafted, artisan doughnuts to our repertoire and giving our community more space and more reason to be together!

Today, we invite you to be 
a small part of the bigger,
ongoing story of Greyhouse!