Beyond aiming to serve exceptional coffee and food products, our mission is all about community.

We strive to show hospitality and to use our physical space to provide opportunities for connection, conversation, and communal growth.

Ristretto Room Events

We try to offer a little something for everyone, from live concerts, to coffee classes, to ceramic mug painting, and beyond. Our aim is to provide and host a wide variety of community experiences. 

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If you have an idea for a community event we might host, we'd love to here from you! 

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What's on the walls?

This permanent art fixture was commissioned by local artist Kyle Ragsdale. We love the imagery of a group of people, each carrying their own, unique gifts, yet moving together on a journey in the same direction. 

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We also feature a rotating selection of work from other local artists, and love showing off the creative pulse of our diverse community! 

If you're an artist hoping to be featured on our walls, we'd love to see a sampling of your work. Check out our contact page and get in touch.

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Starry Night Festival

Our busiest day of the year, Starry Night Festival happens annually every fall right outside our doors.

The heart behind this beloved street festival is to provide a space for a diverse group of people to come together through artistic expression and beautiful creativity.

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